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I'm sorry, but I don't understand English well. I feed my dog twice a day. Tom is absent. Why did she do that? My daughter is fast asleep. Let's go to a movie. I have a throbbing pain here. She grows flowers such as tulips, pansies and daisies. She told him that she had seen me there last week. He lived in a typical Japanese-style house.
Dutty Wine: - She did not say anything.
- Our school library has many books.
- I'll bring one more towel.
- No one knows.
- She is in her hotel now.
- Can you ride a bicycle?
- They send this parcel to Kanyakumari.
- I sprained my finger while playing volleyball.
- Turn it off.
- Have both of you already eaten?
Is your watch correct? If you need my help, please let me know. That's right. How did you know that? Do you see that house? It's mine. I never let anyone else feed my dog. I saw her swim. I know that you did your best. They visited me occasionally. Don't talk about people behind their backs. Will you take me home?

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