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We got up at four in the morning. I really like you. It's as dull as ditch-water. Would you mind telling me when we get there? I am new to this town. I listen to music. We will have an English test this afternoon. She said that she would follow him no matter where he went. Please say hello to her if you see her at the party. Could I speak to Mr. Johnson? He turned to his friends for help.
Saac: - I'm off to bed.
- If I had been awake, I would have caught the thief.
- I don't want to wait that long.
- It's my CD.
- Many cancer patients lose their hair because of chemotherapy.
- Have you taken your medicine yet?
- I have to go now.
- In my humble opinion...
- Is it free?
- How long will the storm last?
I studied for one hour. I'm glad that you can come. Tom has many talents. I like to eat apples. He speaks English. He is afraid of his own shadow. A water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Oh, that goes in the refrigerator. He went off in a hurry. Would you like some wine?

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