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Is that it? She asked him to read it for her because she had lost her glasses. It looks like an apple. I'll be back in ten minutes. She made me a cake. My mother is very affectionate. Forget the past. Will ten thousand yen do? Do you see that house? That's my house. What about Jenny?
Pelicula Intocable: - He gets his hair cut once a month.
- I had trouble deciding which brand of dog food to feed my dog.
- He has a date with Mary this afternoon.
- Could I see your driver's license?
- Your house is very nice.
- Does she speak English?
- What time is your plane scheduled to leave?
- I've completely forgotten.
- I'll have them repair my car.
- She was born at six a.m. on July 17, 1990.
I couldn't go out because of the rain. It might be my cell phone, I don't think I have very good reception. Oh thanks for inviting me. I'd love to come. He wondered why she did that. I felt left out. Do you have a lot of time? They teased the new student. I can see a ship in the distance. He abuses his authority. Waiter!

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