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The road is too narrow for cars. I shave every morning. We expect him to succeed. Where is the registrar's office? She adores him. How do you say it in English? She asked him for some money. I'd like to read some books about the Beatles. Yes. It's been really busy here all day. Yes, if it's not too much trouble, would you get me some tissues.
Icefilms: - I don't mind hot weather.
- The way I see it...
- Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?
- I felt like I would die.
- I made a bad mistake on the test.
- She told me an interesting story.
- She has never seen him.
- Ed, what should we do today?
- Hold your tongue!
- Can you remember the first time we met each other?
She turned around suddenly. We'd appreciate a reply. Does she like oranges? Sooner or later I'll get round to... I like people who are frank. I never thought it'd be this easy to hack into your website. That's OK. I'll have a glass of water. The desk drawer is open. You can rely on her. You should make good use of your time.

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